Companion Animals


- Wellness examinations including physical exam, nutrition recommendations, training advice, needed testing and appropriate vaccination.

- Elective surgeries including spay, neuter and declawing with an available laser and in house blood work.

- Digital radiographs and diagnostic blood work in house for sick animals.

Farm Animals


- Wellness examinations and routine vaccinations.

- Parasite prevention programs including quantitative (McMasters) fecal flotation

- Equine dental care including teeth floating.

- Scheduled herd health visits including ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis, herd record management, young stock care including dehorning, treatment protocol development for vaccination.

- Physical examinations and treatments for sick animals.

- Regulatory paperwork for interstate shipment.

- Farm employee training including Spanish language training.

Pet Supplies


- Effective flea and tick preventatives including Seresto collars, Frontline, and Acitvyl

- Pet odor removing cleaning products

- Hills brand pet nutrition products including wellness diets, treatment diets and treats

- Lupine collars and leashes with a no chew guarantee.

Home Delivery Program & prescription Management service