Casselman Veterinary Services has provided quality medical and surgical care as well as wellness services to farm and companion animals in rural Garrett County and adjoining communities for 30+ years.  It is in business to compassionately prevent and treat disease, facilitate production of wholesome livestock products and protect the human-animal bond.


Companion animal clients include families and individuals who care for dogs, cats or rabbits.  These clients seek annual physical examinations, screening tests, vaccinations and preventive treatments to keep their pets healthy.  When their pets are ill they schedule appointments at Casselman Veterinary Services for physical examination, diagnostic testing, corrective surgery and medical treatment to restore health or palliate suffering.  Our clients enjoy the advantages of modern veterinary medicine for their pets in the comfort of a rural practice atmosphere.  Examples of technology available include digital radiography, ultrasonography, laser surgery and in-house bloodwork.  Intensive anesthetic monitoring equipment and reliable IV and inhalant protocols are used for surgical and dental procedures.  The veterinarians and staff partner with these clients to select the most appropriate care for their pets.  Veterinarians and technicians have regular continuing education classes to update their skills and knowledge.  The practice has a good working relationship with several specialists to provide referral care when needed.  In case of emergency, a veterinarian and staff member will open the office for emergency treatment of current patients.  Hospitalization is offered, but 24-hour supervision is not provided at this time.  The practice offers a limited amount of boarding, especially for special needs patients.  It also sells a large variety of Hill’s brand premium pet foods including therapeutic diets. 

   Farm clients are a mix of hobby and commercial farms.  Small and medium sized dairy farms schedule regular herd health visits for pregnancy diagnosis, breeding management, vaccination, dehorning and herd problem solving as well as periodic farm calls to diagnose disease and intervene medically or surgically for individual animals.  Portable M-mode portable ultrasounds are used routinely for accurate staging of pregnancy age and fetal sexing as well as diagnosis of multiple pregnancies, cystic ovarian disease and cyclicity.  Owners of beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and camelids are also clients.  Services for these types of farms include planning husbandry practices to maintain health, and caring for individual sick animals, but also include regulatory veterinary services such as health charts for interstate movement or exhibition.  The veterinarians of Casselman Veterinary Services become trusted advisors to these farm clients. We also sell prescription and over the counter medications for large animal clients. Emergency services are facilitated by TWR communications and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for regular clients.